The Co-Occurrence of Parental Alienation Claims and Intimate Partner Violence in Family Court: Theory and Practice

This webinar took place on March 15, 2022. 

Webinar recording:

The past decade has seen an unprecedented increase in parenting disputes in family court. On one hand, there is a growing recognition of family violence as a gender-based crime and a legislated factor for judges to consider in parenting decisions. On the other hand, the concept of alienation has been increasingly misused to blame protective parents and their children's resistance or reluctance to have parenting time with perpetrators of family violence. Some of these cases represent litigation abuse as an extension of coercive control in the intimate partner relationship. The presentation outlines the controversies in the field and the inappropriate use of alienation.

Webinar resources:

RESOLVE Manitobia presentation slides
Dr. Peter Jaffe presentation slides
Judge Mirwadlt presentation slides
Robynne Kazina & Taylor McCaffrey presentation slides